Capoeira Event
Vadiacao na Casa das Yabas
5. bis 7. Juni 2020

Unsere besonderen Gäste.

Mestre Jose Antonio (Barracão da Capoeira Brasilien)
Mestre Poncianinho (Mojuba London)
Mestra Andrea (Barracão da Capoeira Brasilien)
Mestre Papaleguas (CDO Brasilien)
Mestre Piun (CDO Finnland)
Mestre Jason (cdo Griechenland)
Mestre Pepeto (Barracão da Capoeira Grécia 🇬🇷)
Yogalehrerin Paulete (Brasilien)

Organisation: Mestra Ana Dourada

Aufsicht: Mestre José António

Vadiacao na Casa Das Yabas
31.Mai bis 2. Juni 2019

Save that Date.31 May 1,2 and June 

Hello capoeiristas friends!

On May 31, June 01.02, the "Vadiacao na Casa das Yabas" event will again take place. It will be the tenth edition of the event here in Austria. As always, lots of Capoeira, friendship and party.

There will be a lot of Capoeira, Samba class of roda with me!

 On Friday we will have a class with Teacher Ligerinho Capoeira class and with Mestre Fabianho  class,  Then the night there will be a Capoeira and Samba Show at the Famous Cuba Bar.                

On Saturdays there will be, Classes  with the Mestres :. CM Marcelo Finco, Mestre Tico, Mestre Chicote , Mestre Moreno  and Mestra Ana Dourada samba de roda lesson.    Then we will have a Live Samba  Party as always.                                                                               

On Sunday there will be classes with Mestres: Mestre Primo ,Mestre Papaleguas and Mestre Poncianinho

Classes will be divided. workshop of Capoeira Angola, Regional, Samba, Instrument and Music.

Friday, 19:00 p.m. to 22:00 p.m. 
Olympiazentrum Vorarlberg  Hochsterstr .82 A.6850 Dornbirn
From 22:30 pm Show at Cuba Bar

Saturday at 11:00 am until 19:00 pm
Volksschule Wolfurt Mähdle : Mähdlestrasse 27

From 21.00 Party With Live Music and DJ, A Very Beautiful Place Inside Nature  Especially For Us. .
Address Near My House

Sunday 11;00 to  17:00 p.m.
Volksschule Wolfurt Mähdle : Mähdlestrasse 27